This software is provided for educational and research purpose. We will take no responsibility for any medical interpretations you make.

The project is non-profit. However, there are inherent computing costs associated with the intensive calculations. We will therefore later make adjustments to pricing (and/or donations) that reflects the computational cost of the setup.

We take your anonymity much more seriously than any other online genetics-service. You can choose to have your genome-wide data deleted two weeks after imputation. Also, we only want as little information about you as absolute required (e.g. an email to send the results to).

Note that not choosing delete after 2 weeks is not a guarantee that your genome will be stored. If the server is out of space it'll be deleted anyway. The benefit of keeping the raw data online is that future modules also will work, even though they depend on genetic variation only found in the raw data.

The only right We reserve, is the future possibility to contact participants (through provided email) to ask if they interested in follow-up discussions on academic research. We underscore that this is entirely ignorable, and so not part of the terms-of-use of the site.