Autoimmune disease risk

Note, I have marked this module as a legacy module. That's not because it is wrong, merely because the content is somewhat information-poor. Specifically the overall GWAS-browser contains the same information.

Autoimmune diseases is a broad category of diseases ranging from diseaes of the joints, to the guts to the skin. However, the common characteristic of all of them is that they are problems of the immune system attacking itself. Like most complex diseases have been investigated using the genome-wide association (GWAS) technology.

This strong point of this approach is that it has provided insight into how commonly found genetic variants affects diseases of everybody, i.e. as opposed to single-family-specific rare genetics variants. This means that most GWAS findings readily have been replicated between separate studies of different patients.

The weak point of GWAS, however, is that findings typically only explain small fractions of the risk of each disease. This means that their actualy prognostic value still is somewhat limited. This is illstrated and explained here.

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Genetic risk score for autoimmune diseases